Reports suggested that Paulo Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo were owed money by Juventus when they left the club, leading to speculation that they could potentially take legal action against the club.

However, there has been no recent mention of legal action from either Dybala or Ronaldo, and the situation has remained relatively quiet. Leonardo Bonucci, on the other hand, is reportedly looking to sue Juventus for what he perceives as an unfair dismissal.

While some fans may wonder whether Dybala and Ronaldo could also pursue legal action, a report from Tuttomercatoweb suggests that Juventus has settled with both players. The report indicates that Juventus has fulfilled its financial obligations to Dybala and Ronaldo, resolving any potential disputes. As a result, it appears unlikely that either player will take legal action against the club, as the reported settlements have resolved their respective cases.

Juve FC Says

We are the biggest club in Italy and should have minimal problems settling our bills.

We remain one of the top sides on the continent, so we will comfortably deal with any lawsuit Bonucci brings our way.

However, it is sad that he has chosen to solve the problem this way because we had a good time together on and off the pitch.