Juventus and Frosinone have engaged in discussions regarding a potential loan deal for Kaio Jorge to the recently promoted side for the upcoming season.

During this transfer window, Juventus has been actively working on both acquiring new players and trimming their squad by offloading some of their current members.

Within their ranks, Juventus possesses several talented young players who would greatly benefit from more playing time. However, it’s clear that they might not get enough opportunities if they remain with the team at the Allianz Stadium.

Among these promising youngsters is Jorge, the Brazilian player who recently made his return to action this summer after being sidelined for approximately 500 days.

Jorge has managed to capture the attention and admiration of Max Allegri, who holds him in high regard due to his consistent performances on the field. Nevertheless, Juventus acknowledges the importance of ensuring that Jorge gets an adequate amount of playing time to regain his form and fitness. Consequently, they are open to the idea of loaning him out to Frosinone on a temporary basis.

According to reports from Calciomercato, the potential loan move is currently being hindered by salary negotiations. Frosinone is requesting that Juventus agree to subsidise a portion of Jorge’s salary before finalising the loan arrangement.

Juve FC Says

Frosinone should ideally pay all his wages because we could get a club that can simply do that if we want.

However, it could also be a good thing if we contribute because we can now demand that he must play as often as possible before he returns and this will help him gain the experience we want.