Cristiano Ronaldo has initiated legal proceedings against Juventus in an effort to retrieve €19 million he believes the club owes him in deferred salaries. This situation arose when the Portuguese forward, like many of his fellow players at the club, was requested to defer a portion of his salary due to financial difficulties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s crucial to emphasise that Juventus has since settled all deferred salary payments to players who agreed to the deferrals, and the club faced repercussions for making these payments without proper disclosure in the previous season. The matter was addressed, and the case has been closed, potentially weakening Ronaldo’s legal stance in compelling Juventus to make the payment.

As reported by Football Italia, Juventus is confident in its position and presents several reasons supporting its belief that it will prevail in this case:

  1. Ronaldo never signed the agreements that other players did, which outlined the deferred salary arrangements for future payments. This absence of a formal agreement may impede his claim for the outstanding amount.
  2. Prior to his departure from Manchester United, Ronaldo signed an agreement confirming that he had no outstanding debts or financial claims against Juventus. This agreement may be utilised against him as he seeks to recover the unpaid salary.

These factors, among others, could present legal hurdles for Ronaldo in his endeavour to obtain the deferred salary from Juventus. The club seems to have a solid case to contest his claim.

Juve FC Says

Ronaldo thought he was smart when he did not sign that agreement, but it has come back to haunt him and Juve stands a good chance of winning win this case.

The striker simply has to give up because we have a substantial argument to use against him.