Juventus hit top form just before the World Cup break and they will hope their players can continue where they stopped on the return of football next year.

Max Allegri’s men have had an inconsistent season and could have been in a worse position if not for their six consecutive wins before the break.

They now have something to work with on the return of football next year, but there still have been calls for them to bolster their squad with new players in January.

Several positions on the team are considered weak spots and reports have linked several players with a move to the Allianz Stadium. But do Juventus need new signings?

In theory, yes but it is not as simple as that, one has to be sure that any new signings strengthen the squad and whether it is php web scraping or deep analysis of a player’s attributes, it has to be done diligently and with care.

The Bianconeri have one of the best squads in Europe, considering their options in midfield, attack and defence as well.

This is one of the reasons fans and pundits were critical of Max Allegri when the team was underperforming.

Most of us could not understand why such a group of players struggled at the time under the manager.

It was easy to see that Max simply did not know how to use these players and that another manager maybe could have done a better job.

However, the gaffer did well well before the World Cup and now the question is whether he needs new additions in the January transfer window.

Juve has been linked with several players, but they do not need new men for the second half of the season.

In the final games of 2022, the team began to deliver better performance, which makes it clear they had been underperforming before then.

What Juve needs is for its players to deliver their best when they step on the pitch. This is because some of them are simply the best in the league and among the best in Europe.

This break should have given the coaching staff enough time to drill the squad and prepare them for the second half of this season.

It should also be noted that the likes of Paul Pogba and Federico Chiesa will return from injury for the second half of the season, basically, these two would be like new signings this season for Allegri.

If the players in Turin now have the right attitude in every game and play at their best, the team will win more matches and probably win the league.

If they deliver below-par performances, even new men will come into a culture of underperformance and won’t be able to help the team in any way.

Juve has squad depth now. It does not need new players in January. Instead, the current options need to be at their very best.