We expect Juventus to change their squad in the summer, with several players already linked with a move to the club.

The black and whites have been one of the inconsistent top clubs in Europe for some time as they continue to rebuild under Max Allegri.

There have been improvements in this campaign and they could make a serious charge towards winning Serie A next season.

However, Juve has some off-field problems, most of which involve their finances and they might be forced to offload some of their players because of this issue.

As one of the top clubs in Europe, Juve should always play in the Champions League, as the money in that competition helps them remain on top of things. It also offers fans the chance to watch high-quality matches while experiencing live betting at the highest level in European football.

However, they have been docked 15 league points and might not be in Europe’s top club competition next season.

This has opened the door for clubs to circle some of their key players.

Ideally, the black and whites should keep their best men regardless, but Juve will probably be wise to cash in on some of them.

The Bianconeri are rebuilding their squad and the club must fix its finances by putting a cap on its wages.

Only some players will understand and when stars move to top clubs, they expect to earn top dollar.

However, Juve’s financial problems mean keeping hold of the likes of Adrien Rabiot, Federico Chiesa and Dusan Vlahovic could be a problem.

The latter two have been on the radar of the top sides in Europe and are likely to leave for big money at the end of the term.

That said, the club’s fans would kick back against that suggestion and the board will struggle to consider a sale.

But selling their top stars could be the best way, especially if the Old Lady does not earn a Champions League spot.

First, selling both or either player will bring money into the club to help keep it afloat while avoiding the incidence of paying players under the table as happened during the covid-19 pandemic.

Secondly, no player is irreplaceable and the money from their sale could help the Bianconeri sign low-cost replacements when the term finishes.

Chiesa suffered a severe injury and may never return to his pre-injury levels, which makes it wise to offload him now.

Vlahovic has not scored as many goals as the club wanted, so allowing him to leave for big money ensures the black and whites a profit from his departure.