After 22 rounds in Serie A, Juventus have collected enough points on the pitch to put themselves amongst the Top three. But due to a 15-point deduction, the Bianconeri currently sit in midtable and remain out contention for European spots.

Despite being acquitted amongst other clubs in the initial capital gains trial last year, the prosecutor requested the reopening of the case due to new evidence, which eventually resulted in a severe punishment.

However, the club insists on its innocence in the absence of specific rules which punish what has deemed to be an illegal practice aimed towards registering capital gains in shady manners.

According to Sport Italia journalist Michele Criscitiello (via JuventusNews24), the new management remains optimistic after lodging an appeal in front the Olympic committee.

Juventus believe that the diplomatic work of the club’s Chief Football Officer Francesco Calvo will pay off.

Apparently, the club has reopened the channels with the FIGC, with the federation being reportedly aware of the weakness of the arguments mentioned in the verdict.

Therefore, the Bianconeri are hopping that the appeal committee would send the file back to the federal court for a review, which would result in a lesser sentence.

However, the journalist warns that the Prisma case (based on the alleged salary maneuvers during the Covid-19 pandemic) remains a different case, and possibly more dangerous.