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Why Juventus were acquitted in the capital gains trial

April 16, 2022 - 12:30 pm

Following months of investigations, the federal court decided to acquit all the defendants in the so-called “Prisma” scandal.

The office of the federal prosecutor launched a lengthy investigation against several Serie A clubs for alleged capital gains related to inflated transfer fees.

Basically, the investigators claimed that these clubs have used inflated transfer fees to register capital gains in unlawful manners. Therefore, 11 Italian clubs and 59 of their directors were sent to trial.

But according to la Gazzetta dello Sport, the court acquitted them due to the lack of evidence.

While the investigators have laid their own parameters to define the players’ values, the court dismissed it. After all, transfer fees are only determined by the rules of the free market.

At the end of the day, the prosecutors failed to provide a document that justifies their accusations beyond any doubt.

Therefore, Juventus come out unscathed from the whole debacle, even though the prosecutor’s office could still appeal against the final verdict.

The club was facing a fine worth 800,000 euros, while president Andrea Agnelli and the top directors could have been temporarily banned from football if found guilty.

Juve FC say

Even though Juventus probably registered inflated values on the some transfer dealings in the past, the investigators shouldn’t have wasted everyone’s time at court in a case that lacked any sort of serious evidence.

However, let’s hope that the club takes it as a warning for the future and avoid this type of suspicious business.

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