While Juve’s financial troubles are well-documented by now, the important question remains how to fix this enormous mess.

The club’s owners are injecting 400 million euros as a capital increase. However, Calciomercato explains why this ploy might not be enough to ensure the club’s financial security.

The Bianconeri have registered losses in the region of 360 millions in the last four years – as the source tells it – meaning the capital increase is aimed towards nullifying the losses rather than bolstering the squad.

And yet, even the capital increase can’t totally guarantee balancing the club’s financial sheets.

The report mentions that the club’s total value is around 843 millions, while the owners had to inject up to 700 millions during the last four years, which isn’t a healthy stat at all.

The aim is to provide financial stability by 2024. However, the report notes that his plan won’t succeed unless Juventus makes it to the Champions League knockout stages in the next two years.

The Bianconeri barely qualified to the competition last season, and as things stand at the moment, a Top 4 finish this campaign is far from being guaranteed.

Without European money, Juventus will keep falling short on the financial scale, which is why the results on the pitch this season could be fundamental for the club’s future.