Adrien Rabiot has yet to sign a new contract with Juventus despite the club’s efforts to retain him for several months.

The midfielder has been a key performer for them in the last two seasons, and Juventus is eager to secure him on a new deal.

Rabiot is aware of the club’s efforts to keep him, but he has decided to focus on his on-field performance for now.

Juventus remains keen on ensuring he does not move to another club, and some reports suggest that Rabiot wants to understand the future of his manager before he makes a decision.

He has openly stated that Max Allegri’s role will be crucial in his decision to stay at Juventus for another season.

Allegri has shown a lot of trust in Rabiot and advocated for the club to keep him beyond last season.

However, with the manager’s future uncertain, a lot could depend on that.

A report on Il Bianconero suggests that Rabiot could leave the club if Allegri is replaced because he is unsure if the next manager will value him as much.

Juve FC Says

We can understand Rabiot’s reluctance because a new manager could arrive on the scene and decide to focus on other players and put him on the bench.