Max Allegri has not met the expectation the fans had when he returned to the club.

Following two failed seasons, we longed for a saviour and it can hardly get better than Allegri who won five straight league titles for us during his first spell as manager and also led us to two Champions League finals.

The former Milan boss has found life tougher on his return to the club, and his team is performing badly.

Andrea Pirlo won the Super Cup, Italian Cup and finished inside the top four last season.

Some considered that a failure and the club subsequently replaced him at the end of the campaign.

Tuttosport reports Allegri is now heading towards finishing this season as “poor” or even poorer than Pirlo did.

Will he suffer the same fate as the former midfielder did, or will Juve keep him on because of his previous success?

Juve FC Says

A manager is as good as his last result, and Allegri should leave if he doesn’t do better than the last Juve boss.

But it would not be so much of a surprise if the club keeps him because they might not want to keep firing and hiring new managers for the group.

He might be given another campaign to elevate the club’s level, and it would be interesting to see how that will turn out.