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Will Allegri get sacked if Juventus lose the Coppa Italia final?

May 9, 2022 - 9:22 am

Max Allegri’s return to Juventus hasn’t gone to plan so far, with the club possibly finishing inside the top four as their only achievement.

They have been out of the league title race for a long time, and their European adventure also ended at the Round-of-16 stage.

When Allegri returned to the club, fans expected the team to do better than it did in the last campaign under Andrea Pirlo.

That hasn’t been the case so far, and it means they are underachieving. When that happens, the manager usually loses his job.

Some fans have even started calling for Allegri to be sacked, but a report on Football Italia claims he would be Juve’s manager next season.

This would be the case even if he doesn’t win the Coppa Italia at the end of this campaign.

The report claims Juve’s target for the season was finishing in the Champions League places.

They have achieved that and winning the Italian Cup will only be a nice bonus.

Juve FC Says

We have had three managers in the last three seasons, and it makes little sense for us to continue in that fashion.

Allegri should get this team to win trophies in the next campaign if the club backs him with good players in the summer.

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  • Avatar
    Martinn May 9, 2022 at 10:43 am

    Makes no sense to ‘rebuild’ in a playing style where attackers are frustrated to the point of anger through lack of coaching. Mr ‘kean can get 25 goals a season’ and the other management have said he is guaranteed to stay even if we didn’t get top 4. Liverpool did it right with Klopp and united will be doing it right with Ten Hag. We will continue mediocrity as management want us to be the new last days of wenger arsenal, top 4 and champs league humiliation is good enough.. if agnelli hasn’t already got us banned. He’s staying and I will support the team, but expect absolutely nothing.
    If the players prove me wrong, great.

  • Avatar
    Fogs May 9, 2022 at 11:22 pm

    Yep, would of liked to see a rebuild around Pirlo

  • Avatar
    WOODY May 11, 2022 at 2:55 am

    There is no chance Allegri will be fired regardless of the outcome of the Coppa Italia Any chances of the Scudetto or a series run in Champions went out the window when Kean was signed as Ronaldo left so late in the summer transfer window. The rebuild was stalled by injuries to Chiesa, McKennie and Locatelli. If Juve beats Inter, Allegri would become the club’s winningest manager in Coppa Italia. Yet, here we are discussing whether he will be fired if they lose tomorrow. The pure insanity of this logic astounds me. I have never, ever understood the hate and complete lack of respect some alleged Juve supporters have for him. These are the same people who hated Ancelotti and he is one win away from being the winningest manager in the history the Champions Cup/League.
    Allegri won more trophies and took the club much further in CL than Conte did, yet some Juve fan wish Conte to come back. The guy left the club almost the same way Ronaldo did. He’s a traitor in my book, and can never get along with management anywhere. As for the comparisons to Pirlo, I find them completely comical. Comparing points? Really? The Super Coppa is a glorified exhibition match. Even Coppa Italia is a tournament which Juve ignored for decades – opting to focus on the Scudetto.
    The problem at Juve isn’t Allegri. The problem has been directors who brought in the likes of Ramsey, Arthur, Rabiot and expected to be able to compete with the tops in Serie A or Europe. Jesus wouldn’t have won the Scudetto after plugging in Kean in place of Ronaldo. Hell, Pjanic is his prime was half the registra Pirlo was as a player.
    Juve’s success next season will be determined by how they fill the roster spots currently held by Chiellini, Alex Sandro, Arthur, Dybala, and Moratta or Kean.
    If the club is going to attempt to challenge on multiple fronts even the subs need to be upgraded. The likes of Rugani and DeSeglio (who I think is often over-criticized) are just not good enough in big spots.
    IMHO, Allegri is the least of the club’s problems. He understands the expectations and demands of the position better than anyone in recent memory. Conte quit on Juve. Sarri has never been able to compete on multiple fronts. Pirlo? Looked to be as completely lost on the bench as his players did on the field.
    For all the banter, I can’t imagine SMS or Pogba at Juve. Playing every three days and winning requires a mixture of experience, athleticism, talent and legs I’m not sure Juve can afford.
    As for firing a guy who could be the club’s winningest manager in this tournament is a sign of complete lunacy.

  • Avatar
    Ringo May 12, 2022 at 2:48 am

    Everyone had done everything to try to lift a single trophy but Allegri. His barren tactic prove s to be the culprit for Juve terrrible season. Even with 2-1 lead last night he subbed off much alive Bernardeschi for unwarmed Locatelli…