Whilst most people would dismiss any talk related to curses, some of the more superstitious persons might believe in its existence. And the same goes for football fans.

According to ilPosticipo, at least six squad numbers are considered to be cursed by a section of fans and observers. These numbers have been worn by successive players who have been unable to find success during their stints in the last years.

The list includes the number 9 jerseys of both Milan and Atletico Madrid, the number 7 at Inter and Manchester United, as well as Fiorentina’s number 10.

But what concerns us from this topic is Juve’s number 11, that is yet to find glory since the retirement of Pavel Nedved in 2009.

The jersey was later worn by Amauri, Paolo De Ceglie, Kingsley Coman, Hernanes and finally Douglas Costa.

Unfortunately for the men mentioned above, none of the them was able to find success in Turin on a consistent basis, with their stints ending up being forgettable to say the least.

After six years at the club, Juan Cuadrado is set to try his luck with the number 11, after putting the numbers 7 and 16 on his back during his time in black and white.

Despite reaching the age of 33, the Colombian enjoyed his best season at the club thus far in 2020/21, providing loads of assists for his teammates, as well as putting up a heroic performance in the decisive win against Inter late in the season.

So can La Vespa replicate his great campaign with his new squad number? Or will the curse strike again?