Romelu Lukaku’s legacy, despite his pivotal role in helping Inter Milan dethrone Juventus’ dominance and secure Serie A victory in 2021, seems to be overshadowed by recent developments.

His significant contributions extended beyond the league title, as he played a crucial part in Inter Milan’s Italian Cup triumph and their journey to the final of the Champions League in the previous season.

However, Lukaku’s narrative has taken a different turn, as he is now being discussed in the context of his apparent betrayal of Inter Milan. Reports suggest that he held talks with Juventus and reached an agreement to join the Bianconeri in the current transfer window.

While Juventus still considers Lukaku a prime target, the negotiations for his transfer have encountered challenges, leading the club to request additional time to work through the details.

Interestingly, there is a possibility that another Milan-based club might secure Lukaku’s services. AC Milan, reports Tuttojuve, who are currently in a rebuilding phase much like Juventus, is contemplating the idea of adding him to their squad. Lukaku is seen as a player who could potentially make a significant impact on their team dynamics.

Nevertheless, the report also highlights that AC Milan could face financial hurdles in executing the transfer, suggesting that acquiring Lukaku might prove to be a challenging endeavour due to the financial requirements involved.

Juve FC Says

Having already ditched Inter to consider Juve, it is easy to see news like this, but Lukaku will not want to be involved in another saga by speaking to Milan and he should respect his time at Inter enough not to do it.