Adrien Rabiot is approaching the final months of his contract with Juventus, having previously signed a one-year extension at the beginning of this season. The Bianconeri have witnessed his resurgence since the previous season when he emerged as one of their standout performers.

Rabiot had garnered interest from top-tier clubs but chose to remain with Juventus, a decision that surprised some of the club’s supporters. However, Juventus is keen on securing his services for an extended period and is currently preparing to present him with an offer for a one- or two-season contract extension.

In their efforts to reduce costs, the Old Lady is looking to negotiate a pay cut as part of the proposed contract extension. Tuttomercatoweb reports that their forthcoming offer will include a smaller salary, and they are hopeful that Rabiot will be willing to accept this proposal.

Juve FC Says

Rabiot is a player we simply cannot do without and the club must try its best to keep him.

However, considering that he has many suitors, it is likely that he will see a team that will pay him far more than he earns now.

That will make it difficult for him to consider our proposal if he has to take a pay cut to stay in Turin.

He had said he did not need too much money previously, which is why he is not moving to Saudi Arabia. Perhaps that could see him stay.