World Cup break could define Juventus’ second half of the season

November 18, 2022 - 10:08 am

Juventus were in top form in the period before the enforced World Cup break as they surged towards the top of the Serie A table.

Max Allegri’s men had made a poor start to this term and it seemed they would end it as badly as the last one.

However, they have shown remarkable form in the last few weeks and went into this break as one of the strongest teams in the Italian top flight.

The World Cup break creates instability to a certain extent and that is not what the fans would want, they will not want the momentum disturbed and then there is the issue of the players not being involved in the competition.

Those players need to be taken care of as well, they could visit grand rush and enjoy themselves but it is far more likely that they will be on the training pitch keeping themselves fresh and fit.

During the World Cup, players will do their best to help their nation, knowing they may never have the opportunity to play in the competition again.

Some will suffer heartbreak and embarrassing exits at the group stages, while others could return early because of injury.

Every player will want to impress and the way they exit the tournament could affect them when they return to their clubs.

If most of Juve stars achieve their goal of reaching the latter stages of the competition, they should return to the club fulfilled and happy.

But if they leave too early and feel they have embarrassed their country, they might not be mentally strong enough to get straight back into business at the club.

Another factor that will affect Juve is the fitness level of individual stars.

Angel di Maria has been injured often this season, while Dusan Vlahovic missed the last few weeks of action through injury.

Either attacker could suffer another setback in the competition, which may sideline them for a long time on their return to club football.

If that happens to our key men, it will be more difficult to get the momentum back.

However, if our stars return fulfilled regardless of what stage of the competition their nation exited and are injury free, we could easily pick up where we left off prior to the World Cup.

There is so much that could go wrong because of this World Cup, but we probably should be more positive about it.

The players who remained at home also need to be prepared to take their chances on resumption.

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