Since its launching in September 2011, the Juventus stadium has acted as a true fortress for the club. It’s no coincidence that the longest winning dynasty in Italian football history started with the opening for the new stadium.

However, times have changed recently, and the Bianconeri no longer feel secured while playing at home.

According to ilBianconero, Juventus have gathered more points away from home thus far this season. That is because Max Allegri’s have dropped an unusually high number of points while playing at the Allianz Stadium.

In fact, the team has picked up an average of 1.82 point in home matches this season. But during Andrea Agnelli era’s, this average had never been lower than 2.3 points,

The source believes that several aspects have come into play, but the result is obvious to the eye: Opponents no longer fear playing at the Allianz, nor do they feel inferior as they used to not so long ago.

Juve FC say

During the Covid-19 era, Juventus were one of the clubs who were the most affected by the absence of the crowds in attendance. After all, the energetic supporters in the modern arena had always given the players an extra boost.

But despite the fans’ return, something remains missing. Perhaps it’s because some of the Ultra groups are refusing to attend the matches.

However, the main reason behind the regressing numbers is first and foremost the weakened squad which remains a far cry from the ones that the club possessed during the past decade.