Would Zidane’s return to Turin block Ronaldo’s exit? (Opinion)

May 7, 2021 - 9:11 am

Rumours are circulating, in TuttoSport amongst others, to claim that there could be a possible return to Juventus for Zinedine Zidane, this time as a manager.

Memories of Zizou in our famous Black & White is enough to fill our hearts with hope and emotion, and a reunion makes sense for a number of reasons.

Cristiano Ronaldo was supposedly brought to Turin with the Champions League trophy in mind, but our team has slowly deteriorated in recent seasons.

The Portuguese’s effort has been relentless for much of his time with the club, although he does appear a little less interested after he stomached much of the blame for our Champions League exit to Porto in recent months.

Who would blame CR7 if he was to feel unsupported, despite being our main outlet for goals, and our one-man band for much of the term.

I struggle to believe that Ronaldo will still be at the club going into the new season should we miss out on the top-four, although I’m not sure he is completely sold on Andrea Pirlo’s ideas either.

Should we cement our place in next season’s Champions League however, and convince Zidane to take up the hot seat, I believe a lot of the thinking could change.

Ronaldo and manager Zizou won three Champions Leagues together at Real Madrid, and the French boss was the man to convert his star player into a free-roaming centre-forward, having previously played predominantly as a winger.

CR7 also quit Real months after the Frenchman was replaced from his first stint as manager of the club, while no official comments have linked the two actions as correlating, it could well be telling.

We could talk about the financial advantages for Ronaldo staying with the club, due to the reduced tax rate he qualifies for in Italy, but at this point in his career, I struggle to believe that he would choose money over ambition, and Zizou’s hiring could well the glue that could get this team not just working together as a unit, but bring that unity we have lacked in recent months.

Do we believe that Ronaldo wants to leave the club? Would the potential arrival of Zidane change that thinking? Am I alone in seeing too many positives in the potential return of Zizou?


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  • Avatar
    Magda Nassif May 7, 2021 at 12:38 pm

    I share with you this positive view & hope it is fulfilled.

    • Avatar
      Commentator May 7, 2021 at 2:06 pm

      Juventus also need other big players. At real madrid, gareth bale, modric, sergio ramos, Marcelo were active vice-heros. Which help real win match when ronaldo was in a bad phase/couldnt make difference

      At Juventus, no one is a vice-hero in a regular way. I dont consider Morata, current dybala, arthur, ramsey players that would guarantee you glory

      Also pirlo is horrible. How can As Roma sign Jose Mourinho. Everton Carlo Ancelotti. Chelsea Thomas Tuchel. But Juventus is out there with unexperienced pirlo

  • Avatar
    Uche May 9, 2021 at 12:03 am

    If it’s a dream come true I will be happy to see sinzou in bench next season and also CR7 staying that’s all thanks