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Xavier Jacobelli says Juventus budget will determine Di Maria’s future

March 31, 2023 - 9:14 am

During a recent guest appearance on TMW Radio, Xavier Jacobelli discussed the possibility of Angel Di Maria renewing his contract with Juventus. 

According to him, there is a chance that Di Maria could stay with the club, as the player has expressed his happiness in Turin.

However, there are uncertainties in Juventus’ market plans, and the team’s future budget will depend on how they end the term. 

If Di Maria continues to play at a high level, the club should have no hesitation in renewing his contract.

Jacobelli emphasized the importance of his contributions during this crucial phase of the season. 

The player will need to continue demonstrating his worth on the pitch, which will make it hard for the club to ignore keeping him in Turin.

Jacobelli also acknowledged Di Maria’s strong performance in this second part of the season before the World Cup.

Overall, the decision to renew Di Maria’s contract will depend on a variety of factors, especially the team’s budget and performance, as well as the player’s contributions on the pitch. 

Only time will tell if Di Maria will stay with Juventus or seek opportunities elsewhere, but for now, the Argentinian seems happy in Turin and is more than ready to sign on the dotted lines at the Allianz Stadium.

Juve FC Says

We all want Di Maria to stay and there is almost nothing else he has to do to prove he deserves a contract at the club.

The attacker enjoys life in Turin and we need to sort out the new deal soon enough.

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