Youngsters are often compared to club idols, and Kenan Yildiz is already being likened to Alessandro Del Piero.

The Turkish youngster is just at the start of his career and has not even completed a full season at Juventus.

The Bianconeri know he is a top talent and are eager to ensure he remains with the club.

He has drawn comparisons to Del Piero, and the Juve legend is also a fan of the former Bayern Munich youngster.

However, his agent, Andrea D’Amico, is not happy with the comparison and believes Yildiz should be allowed to develop and make a name for himself.

While the midfielder has the potential to achieve even more than Del Piero during his time at Juventus, for now, he is not at that level yet.

Speaking on that comparison, D’Amico said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“In my opinion, comparisons are always a harbinger of errors (the comparison with Del Piero). Comparing such a young profile to Del Piero is not fair. The entry Alex’s stage was crazy, you realized that a star was born. From his first experience he showed incredible things. I remember the goals against Fiorentina and Lazio; coming in like that, maintaining that long and high curve, winning everything with Juve, I think it’s exciting and unlikely to be repeated. Class and style even off the pitch, he’s a point of reference for young talents, but it’s inappropriate to compare him now.”

Juve FC Says

Yildiz is one of the best youngsters we have groomed in a long time and most of his career is ahead of him.

We do not need to pressure him with the comparison with Del Piero because he will make his name when the time comes.