Maurizio Zamparini believes Paulo Dybala should ‘leave Juventus’ if he doesn’t get more playing time.

The crackpot Palermo president has a habit of continuing to mention his former player every time he’s interviewed, despite the fact Dybala has been at Juventus since the start of the summer. It seems today is no different, although this time Zampa has taken his lunacy a little further, accusing Juve coach Max Allegri of “ruining” Dybala.

“Allegri is ruining Dybala,” Zamparini told Radio Sportiva.

“Paulo is football, while the Tuscan Coach is not! He has to be free to play and express himself, like the great talents such as Messi.

“I think the Bianconeri are a bit confused. I’d tell the lad to first make friends with the veterans in the dressing room, it seems to me that they’re a bit jealous of him.

“It’s happened to others in the past.

“If this continues, then I’d advise Dybala to leave. Arsenal and Barcelona, but also Inter or Milan would welcome a striker like him with open arms.

“ Mancini tried to get him months ago, but the Bianconeri were financially stronger.”

Granted, Allegri has taken his time in introducing Dybala into games, primarily to aid his development, rather than hinder it, but is he ruining Dybala ?


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