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Zidane’s proposed first signing as Juventus manager will raise eyebrows

March 13, 2023 - 11:00 pm

Zinedine Zidane remains in the news as one of the managers Juventus could appoint to replace Max Allegri when they want to change coaches.

The Frenchman remains unattached after leaving Real Madrid and could be on a club’s bench in the new campaign.

Allegri’s future at Juventus is far from certain, even though the club is focused on other issues for now.

Many clubs on the continent are courting Zidane, but Juve is one of the biggest in the land. The Bianconeri will be attractive to him.

But the World Cup winner could spoil the move with the first player he would like to sign.

A report on Calciomercato reveals he is in love with working with Eden Hazard and would add the Real Madrid flop to his squad in Turin if he becomes the manager.

This transfer will not go down well with most people in Turin because of how terrible Hazard has been at Real Madrid.

Juve FC Says

Hazard is simply not good anymore and we will not allow Zidane to bundle him into the club.

We have had a good share of players who are often injured and cannot perform well and it makes no sense to repeat the same mistake with Hazard.

Zidane is a respected coach, but the board should veto the idea of signing Hazard because it does not make sense.

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  • Avatar
    juvemania March 14, 2023 at 1:12 am

    well the way zidane chosen hazard just sound like another delusional coach for me.
    zidane never tested for building a team.
    he won with team full of stars, we are not real madrid.
    I don’t know why people think he can makes something in juve. if we give him mbappe and 3 more stars well maybe, but do we have the money? and what if he fail and the stars players becoming new burden for the club?
    we just replaying agnelli era once again

  • Avatar
    Uncle Petter March 14, 2023 at 8:27 am

    I am unsure about Zidane`s ability as a coach. The Real Madrid he won 3 UCL with was the best team around. Respect for winning 3 UCL for sure. But don`t think he is the right man for this Juve.