UEFA President Alexander Ceferin has compared the theory that the earth is flat, to the idea that the European Super League still exists, with Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid all signed up still.

Nine of the clubs have already dropped out after initially agreeing to sign up to the competition, with major uproar from fanbases believed to have begun the downfall of the ESL.

UEFA eventually backed down in their bid to punish those who had agreed to join up with the competition, but have made it abundantly clear that any future attempts to form a breakaway would be met with expulsion from their own tournaments, and Ceferin has now claimed that the organisation no longer exists despite their efforts.

“I don’t have a problem with them [Barcelona, Madrid and Juventus],” Ceferin told Le Journal du Dimanche. “But after they stabbed me and UEFA, I think it’s up to them to call.

“In the same way that the earth is flat, they still think the Super League exists. At the same time, they were the first to sign up to play in the Champions League this season.

“A bit strange. But if they asked for a meeting, I would sit down. There’s nothing personal behind it. But the only things we hear from them are lawsuits that have no place. They’re trying to put pressure everywhere.

“Nobody wants it [the Super League] except the few who think that football is all about money.”

I find it hard to believe that the European Super League has been completely scrapped, but it will be difficult to achieve without more clubs fully integrated into the ideology behind it.

It wouldn’t be a shock to me if the three clubs remain committed to the breakaway as a means to gain some form of control in negotiation with UEFA for when they are considering changes to the formats of the competition.