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Tacchinardi reckons if Dybala plays just a few games then no one should take him

March 28, 2022 - 1:45 pm

Former Juventus man Alessio Tacchinardi has discussed Paulo Dybala’s future at the club as the Argentinian prepares to leave.

Dybala is one of the most talented players they have had in the last few years and he keeps producing moments of magic to help the Bianconeri remain a top club.

However, he would be out of contract in the summer after failing to reach an agreement over a new deal with them.

The prospect of losing Dybala by the end of this season hasn’t sat well with most of the club’s fans, but it is a decision they feel they had to make.

Tacchinardi admits when Dybala is fit, any club will sign him or keep him, but when he plays only 30% of his team’s matches in a year, it becomes tricky to retain him.

He said via Calciomercato: “I would see well the Paulo who plays about sixty games a year and not the one who instead makes 15 between a nuisance physical and the other. Technically there is no question, of course, but if he only plays 30% of the games I would think about it before taking him.”

Juve FC Says

Dybala remains one of our main players in this campaign, but the attacker needs to understand we are at a point where only players that can make contributions consistently should stay on the team.

He will get chances to re-establish his career at another club and we will always give him a heroes’ welcome if he ever returns for a visit.

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