Cristiano Ronaldo confirms: “I told my agent that if I left Real then Juventus was the only club I wanted to go to.”

The Portuguese forward completed his Juventus move yesterday and gave a brief interview, confirming that he only had one destination in mind when he decided he was leaving Real Madrid.

He started by talking about the overhead kick that bought the Juventus Stadium to their feet for a standing ovation.

“It was a special moment,” Ronaldo told Sky.

“I remember scoring such a magnificent goal against ‘my’ team was a unique moment. It was a special goal, the kind I wanted to score in my career, but I didn’t know the future would bring me to the club against whom I scored that goal.

“I’m very happy, this is a good moment in my career where I’ll be playing for the best Italian club and one of the best clubs in the world in Juventus.

“I don’t remember what happened in the following days but I was very happy. It wasn’t just for having won, or for scoring such a great goal, the one detail that made the difference was the reaction of the fans who applauded me.

“It was a surprise even for me, I didn’t expect it. I’d always liked this club, but even more so after that moment.

“It’s not that the goal changed things, Juventus is a great club and gave me the chance to come here at this unique moment in my life, and I don’t think it was because of that goal.

“Certainly though the small details make a difference.

“I am grateful to the President, the fans and the people who work in this club for giving me this opportunity.

“It’s a situation which came about in a totally natural manner. I spoke to my agent to find out how it was going, and it was going well.

“There wasn’t one single reason, I told my agent that if I left Real then Juventus was the only club I wanted to go to.

“Champions League? I don’t see it as an obsession, these things happen naturally. There are a lot of players in a team and the final victory depends on a lot of things.

“I’d like to help the team win the Champions League in the next four years, I know it’ll be very difficult but I think it’s possible.

“In the last four years Juventus have played two Champions League finals and in the last seven years they’ve won Serie A seven times.

“This is one of the biggest clubs in the world, there was no need for someone to tell me to come here because I knew the strength of Juventus.

“That’s why I repeat once again that I’m very grateful to Juventus for giving me the chance to wear this shirt.

“This is a happy moment in my life, what I can guarantee is that I’ll do my best to help the team and that I want to win many trophies together.”

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