17th win at home, 90 points, six (or less) away from clinching Scudetto. Bologna really parked the bus, at times there were eight men in the box, obviously exploiting their only weapon since they have so little offensive talent.

It took Juve the play of a superstar, our young superstar Paul Labile Pogba. We put up a siege right from the get go, switching from side to side, crossing a lot, but Bologna did their job defensively. The French midfielder had a small opening and took full advantage of that with a thunderous shot that Curci could not stop.

It was probably the best Juventus of recent times, even though we struggled to score. The support from the Juventus stadium was amazing and helped the team not to get discouraged after they were repelled from the brick wall built by Ballardini multiple times. It was a hard fought victory, therefore much sweeter.

Buffon: 6. He made only a real save on a Christodoulopouls shot from distance. His definitely did not have a busy night.

Barzagli: 6. He is clearly not in game shape and he needed to play. Once, He was outrun by Cristaldo on the flank, rarely you see that happen.

Ogbonna: 7. Overwhelmingly physical against the opponents. Very attentive. He looked like Torino’s Ogbonna, maybe for the first time since he is at Juve. A beast.

Chiellini: 6.5. He didn’t have much to do but he was dominant on the areal duels and this helped Juventus a lot especially after the goal.

Isla: 6.5. He run and he crossed a lot, even though not always precisely. He was sharp on that flank and only a superb Curci save denied him the goal.

Pogba: 7.5. He solved the game, plain and simple. A couple of monstrous runs, precise passing, the best Pogba we have seen in a while.

Pirlo: 6.5. He wasted a couple of free kick that he could have scored. Man, he really set the bar high. He was heavily marked but, differently from the last games, he wandered a lot around the pitch to find room.

Marchisio: 6.5. He fought today, he took many hits, but just kept doing what he was doing. He spent a lot of time near the box, but he didn’t have much luck there.

Asamoah: 6. Probably he was a bit fatigued, all in all he was the only one not to rest and carried the team in some occasions. He was not bad, but neither he was not on his usual standards.

Llorente: 7. He touched so many balls, always intelligently. He created so much by protecting and distributing, but today they couldn’t feed him with the right ball.

Giovinco: 6.5. He was in constant motion, but, as the spaces were really crowded by gigantic defenders, he struggled to as incisive as in the last matches. Nevertheless, a good performances.

Padoin: 6. He made a good cross that Pogba could have buried. Enough for me.

Vidal: no rating.