Monza director Adriano Galliani believes that Juventus has already paid a good price for their wrongdoings and should have secured a place in the Champions League based on their performance. Despite facing legal challenges throughout the last season, Juventus managed to maintain their status as one of the top clubs in Italy.

However, due to a ten-point deduction as part of their punishment, Juventus will not participate in the Champions League next season. While some fans may desire additional sanctions, Galliani argues that Juventus has already faced significant consequences for its actions and should not be subject to further punishment.

Galliani’s viewpoint suggests that he believes Juventus has endured enough in relation to the penalty imposed on them and that their status as a top club should be acknowledged.

He reveals via Calciomercato:

“I think the bianconeri have already paid enough.

“Without penalty, Juventus would be in the Champions League”. 

Juve FC Says

We are one of the world’s top sides; naturally, fans of other clubs would want to see us have problems.

It does not necessarily make them bigger than us, but they enjoy seeing us being targeted by the authorities.

However, as long as we can defend ourselves and our actions, we will always survive.

We need to focus on our rebuild now because we must start almost afresh from next season.