Alessandro Del Piero believes Marcello Lippi and Carlo Ancelotti played an important part in Zinedine Zidane’s success as Real Madrid Coach.

The Frenchman has had incredible success since taking the reigns in Madrid and his former teammates Del Piero belives much of that lies in his time at Juventus.

“As Italians, we are maniacs with some things,” Del Piero told

“When you see his team, you can clearly feel that and see that something is going on.”

“He has had the two Coaches that changed a lot. Ancelotti and Lippi for him were very important for many reasons. I believe he thinks about Italy a lot when he’s coaching.

“He’s showing things he learned during his career as well, not only what he’s studying.

“The experience in Italy is very unique as a coach. Because you are under pressure a lot from every part of the job, fans, media, clubs and players sometimes. For us football is the first thing. It’s primary. You need to be 100 percent.

“Everybody is still in love with Zidane the player. But he got a lot of experience first under Ancelotti and then with the second team at Real Madrid. He studied a lot.

“I spoke with him and he was explaining how much he was studying and going around all the teams in France and Spain to look at what the other coaches were doing and how things were going on.

“He’s a very smart guy and he knows how to do it and it shows in the work. I’m surprised a bit because he won the Champions League straightaway when he got the job.

“He found straightaway the way to make a successful team and put everybody on the same page. It’s not easy at that kind of club.”