The Italian Super Cup has been played by the winners of the Serie A and the Coppa Italia over the last few seasons, but would you want a change of format?

Inter Milan and AC Milan will face each other for the next edition of the competition in Saudi Arabia next year, and it promises to be one of the finest matches on that day.

However, that could be the last edition that sees just two teams competing against each other, with a proposal now being considered for it to be expanded.

A report on Calciomercato reveals Serie A has an offer from the UAE to expand the competition to a final four, with the four clubs competing in a Semi-final first before the winners meet at the finals.

The report reveals Serie A clubs have agreed for its president Lorenzo Casini to handle the decision-making, meaning they will support whichever decision they make.

Juve FC Says

A four-team Super Cup will definitely be more exciting to watch, and the more clubs we have, the more competitive it will be.

However, because the competition is played in the middle of the season, too many games might have to be postponed to accommodate an expanded competition.