TV presenter Ivan Zazzaroni has commented on Juventus’ punishment for their involvement in capital gains after the Bianconeri were docked 15 league points.

Juve has been under investigation on several points and was initially cleared of every wrongdoing in the capital gains case.

However, the FIGC reopened it and swiftly handed a ban to Max Allegri’s men, making it difficult for them to make the top four this term.

It takes an agreement between two parties for the transfer value of a player to be inflated, which means Juve shouldn’t be the only club penalised.

However, Zazzaroni claims they have been punished alone because they are a publicly traded company.

He said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“Juventus was penalised compared to the others as the only team listed on the stock exchange and was therefore punished for a matter of transparency towards shareholders. The picture of what happened is clear enough to date, although there will be waiting official reasons from the court.”

Juve FC Says

As one of the top sides in Italy as well as a club on the stock exchange, we cannot act as freely as other clubs, which is a problem for us now.

The club’s executive should know this, which is why they insist on appealing the decision.