Juventus fans are concerned that Adrien Rabiot may seek to leave the club following the departure of Max Allegri.

Rabiot shared a strong rapport with the former manager, emphasising Allegri’s trust as a key factor in his decision to sign a new contract last summer.

With Rabiot yet to extend his contract, it appeared he was awaiting clarity on Allegri’s future before making his own decision.

Now that Allegri has exited, some fans fear Rabiot may follow suit. However, there are indications that Thiago Motta could be Juventus’ next manager.

Having previously played together at PSG, Motta and Rabiot maintain a positive relationship. Journalist Alfredo Pedullà has even suggested that Rabiot may hold Motta in higher regard than Allegri.

He said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“There is another thing to say and not to be overlooked about Rabiot: he has a truly special relationship with Thiago Motta, for some verses even superior to the already excellent one he had with Allegri.

“The future Juventus coach almost adopted him in Paris, taking him under his protective wing and sheltering him from any type of draft. So, the ball passes to the mother-agent, Mrs. Veronique: if the request for a salary wasn’t really exorbitant and didn’t trigger an auction, Juve and Rabiot could get married again. And it would be an important solution.”

Juve FC Says

Rabiot has been a key player for us in the last two seasons, and our next manager will want him to stay.

If Motta gets the job, we expect him to try to convince Rabiot about remaining in the group.