The proponents of the European Super League have encountered a setback that may require them to change the name of the competition. Despite Barcelona and Real Madrid rejecting Juventus’ request to withdraw from the Super League, the Bianconeri remain technically involved in the initiative.

Following a court ruling in favour of the Super League founders against UEFA, allowing them to explore the creation of a new competition, they now face a new hurdle. The European Union Intellectual Property Office has reportedly rejected their application to trademark the name of the European Super League. This rejection stems from significant opposition from the Danish Super League, which has been utilising the name for a considerable period, reports Il Binaconero.

This development represents a significant blow to the Super League proponents. However, according to reports, they still have the option to appeal the decision.

Juve FC Says

It is annoying that we have been blocked from leaving this competition because it now seems deemed to fail.

Our focus is on the problems that are closer to home and affects us directly, so the last thing we need is a Super League distraction.

We remain committed to UEFA and can only sensibly join the Super League if it succeeds and can hand us more money than we make in the UEFA competitions.