Dusan Vlahovic was highly influential in the victory over Salernitana Tuesday night, which was only his third appearance on the pitch since returning from injury..

The 23-year-old seems to be very popular amongst other clubs such as Arsenal, Man United and Chelsea who are known to have an interest in the player, especially after his incredible performances for his previous club, Fiorentina. 

The Premier League trio are not the only clubs interested in the Serbian hitman with European giants Barcelona, PSG and Bayern Munich also apparently keen, as reported by Calciomercato.

Juve FC Says

This is not going to stop, is it?

Vlahovic is hot property and because of everything that is engulfing Juve at the moment we cannot say that he will not leave, we can hope he does not but that is all it is right now, hope.

The fact is that Juve is in a serious situation, they have financial issues, they are unlikely to make the Champions League and the chances are they will have to raise funds in order to strengthen the weaker parts of the team.

The only thing in our favour is that the player loves Juventus but that could easily change, footballers are a fickle lot and if he is offered a king’s ransom and Champions League football he could be tempted.