Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba was on the receiving end of another blow, with the anti-doping prosecutor requesting a four-year ban.

The Frenchman tested positive for testosterone in the aftermath of the club’s opening-day fixture against Udinese.

The 30-year-old has been provisionally suspended ever since while awaiting the final sentence.

In recent weeks, some sources suggested that the midfielder could reach an agreement with the public prosecutor over a suspension between 18 and 24 months.

Nevertheless, the request has arrived, with the prosecution asking for a maximum punishment of four years while referring the player to trial.

So according to La Gazzetta dello Sport via JuventusNews24, Pogba’s legal team failed to convince the prosecutors in their defense.

The player’s representatives are basing their defense on the unintentional consumption of the banned substance.

However, the public prosecutor found it far-fetched and hardly believable. Therefore, the two parties couldn’t reach a settlement.

Nevertheless, Pogba’s lawyers still believe they can earn a favorable sentence at the end of the trial.

While the player is unlikely to get acquitted, his representatives feel that the jurisprudence is on their side, and the player can earn a significantly shorter ban than the one requested by the prosecution.

The source expects the anti-doping tribunal to deliver the final sentence after mid-January.

Juventus continue to monitor the situation closely. The club could well decide to rescind the player’s lucrative contract once the final sentence is delivered.