In what is set to be a long day in the courtroom, Juventus are currently being trialed in the infamous Capital Gains case, also known as Plusvalenza.

Last January, the Court of Appeal slapped the club with a 15-point deduction that has been suspended by the Olympic Committee who referred the file back to the same court.

According to Calciomercato, federal prosecutor Giuseppe Chiné has requested an 11-point penalty for Juventus plus an eight-month suspension for the club’s former managers who indulged in the alleged maneuvers.

It should be noted that this is only the request of the federal prosecutor, while the ruling committing will pass the sentence later in the day after viewing the case, including the club’s defense.

In theory, the sentence shouldn’t exceed the prosecutor’s request, but this general legal notion was cast aside in the previous trial when the prosecutor demanded a nine-point penalty, while the Court of Appeal opted for 15 points.

Nevertheless, this scenario is unlikely to ensure following the remarks presented by the Olympic Committee which considered the previous sentence excessive.

At the moment, Juventus are destined to receive a point deduction while the prosecution is determined to make it large enough to cost the club a spot in the Champions League as it’s been reported by several sources.